Academic Head Hunting

Head Hunting
and Human Ressource Guidance

Education and research are people business. Recruitment and organization are strategic decisions. HEADway helps identify and select the talent that will make your notoriety and works side by side with you to optimize human resources.

We offer two customized services to meet your needs:

  • Academic Head Hunting
  • Human Resources support

Higher education, research, and teaching are areas in which real investments are humans. It is the wealth, the diversity along with the individual and collective competence which make institutions.

Recruit, instruct, organize, and motivate are key actions never to be.


Some of
our areas of involvement

  • Structure and organize faculty
  • Evaluate and motivate the permanent and associated faculty
  • Establish faculty management procedures
  • Measure the faculty contributions
  • Select the contracts for associate faculty
  • Manage status differences

Academic Head Hunting


Selecting professors and managers for Higher Education and Research is key so as to ensure the development and attraction of an institution.

These process are time consuming and requires expertise both in terms of human capabilities and research positioning. We thus offer a global range of services in this area:

  • Support of Human Resources (Profile definition, drafting and publication of targeted)
  • Targeted Vetting (qualified sourcing)
  • Assist in candidate selection
  • Direct global recruitment approach