Associate Experts


Headway also relies on a team of specialized and experienced experts in each of the firm’s areas of activity in order to provide solutions and appropriate responses to the situations facing each client. All areas of distinctive competence are mastered by HEADway’s experts.

Eric Parlebas

Eric Parlebas was a former Director of ESTACA, EFREI and ESIGETEL, an expert for the Conference des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) and a former President of the CGE Accreditation Commission. After more than 12 years in the higher education environment, Eric has become an acknowledged expert of instructional design and educational certification. His activities have also given him in-depth knowledge of the challenges of education in Africa.

Sylvain Obarowski

Sylvain Obarowski, former Human Resources Director at Redcats and EDHEC, led the work of the FESIC for faculty evaluation. He is an expert in management from instructors and researchers to the administrative and technical staff of higher education institutions. Sylvain is a prominent headhunter in the world of academia.

Borislav Nikolaev

Borislav Nikolaev graduated with a Masters in Marketing Management from EDHEC after a Bachelor in Social and Cognitive Psychology from Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. His expertise lies in analyzing skills and learning new technologies. Borislav has written several case studies on innovation.

Jean-Marc Levy

Jean-Marc Levy, former Executive Director of Jump France (TBWA Group), is a marketing specialist and an innovation expert, particularly through the implementation of the open innovation and story concept. Many entrepreneurs and companies have tapped into Jean-Marc’s knowledge in the renewal and development of new products and services.

Michel Mudry

Michel Mudry, former President of the University of Orléans as well as former General Manager of CDEFI, he is a confirmed specialist in international relations for schools, notably scientific and technical universities.