Qualities, Accreditations and Certifications

Qualities, Accreditations
and Certifications

Accreditations have a triple interest:

  • Externally, they act as a quality signal that reassures prospects, students, and families.  They position the institution as a reference worthy of trust.
  • Internally, the credentials are used to control the processes and structure of the institution.
  • For financing, accreditations act as a key:
    • To obtain pooled funding in continuing education,
    • For the development of work-and-study programs in initial training.

HEADway supports the implementation of all quality processes leading to:

  • International Accreditations (AACSB, EQUIS, EPAS, AMBA, amoung many)
  • National approvals (RNCP, Visa, Grade, to mention a few)
  • Management and control: choice and development of KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

Examples of HEADway's
areas of involvement:

  • Educational engineering for National approvals (“RNCP”, “Inventaire”)
    • Skills based Classification
    • Reflection on the modalities of introduction and evaluation criteria
    • Architecture by skills assessment
    • Proofreading and rewriting of rejected records


  • Accreditations – AACSB, AQUIS, EPAS et AMBA
    • International Accreditations - AACSB, EQUIS, EPAS and AMBA
    • Initial situation analysis and positioning in reference to standards
    • Support for strategic choices of selected accreditation
    • Process structuring (agendas, objectives, teams)
    • Support for understanding and interpretation of standards
    • Skills transfer and coaching for internal teams
    • Writing coaching