Strategy and Development


and Development

Defining policy options consistent with the institution’s vision is obtained by bringing a sharp analysis of the current environment. Increasing your revenue and diversify funding sources are supported. International development and driving growth operations are equally guided.

Your concerns become ours:

  • Understand and analyze the changes in the current environment
  • Identify opportunities that are emerging there to better seize them
  • Structure the creation of the strategic identity
  • Structure the organization to effectively lead the implementation of this strategy

A few examples of HEADway’s areas of expertise:

  • Positioning, strategic identity, and program propositions
  • Development Strategy and international cooperation
  • Business Relationship strategy
  • Educational Strategy:  Executive Education and Continuing Education
  • Fundraising (Research and Higher Education Institutions)
  • Evolution of the business model
  • Territorial education strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Academic innovation