Studies "HEADurveys"

Studies dedicated to higher education industry, research and instruction

With its experience in the world of higher education, Headway conducts quantitative and qualitative studies tailored to challenges and problems specific to each institution.

We perform three types of studies:

  • Surveys that address the issues facing the higher education and instruction sector,
  • Customized surveys on demand to meet particular issues, these studies are specific to the client’s institution,
  • Shared studies: various institutions can come together to jointly commission a customized study dealing with a topic of common interest. To obtain reliable and usable information, a 360 ° view of your environment is needed to measure the impact of actions and to detect trends in the market.

HEADsurveys allow you to:

  • Deciphering the new market trends and competitive developments
  • Analyze students’ motives and interests for your brand, your programs etc.
  • Re-evaluate your strategy considering industry trends and prospects’ expectations
  • Evaluate the opportunities and threats in your industry while taking into account all the elements needed to project into the future and set realistic goals in the marketplace
  • Measure the visibility, impact, and results of your actions
  • Confirm suppositions or validate recommendations

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(Since these surveys are available to francophone only, this page is not translated)


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