Firm values

Since its inception, Headway puts core values at the service of its customers in each of its missions.


Innovation as defined by the will to achieve “continuous improvement” and the determination to demonstrate a “pioneer” process combining creativity and progress.


Excellence as defined at HEADway by striving to provide high-quality, value-added solutions both in respect to clients and in respect to internal teams; contributing to a work environment where excellence is intended; staying at the top in the field of expertise; and by connecting customers with experts in order to offer the best possible service.


Responsibility as defined by, at all times and all circumstances, observing the highest ethical standards regarding all mutual stakeholders and interested parties.


Trust as defined by respecting promises and honoring commitments, communicating in a transparent and honest way, with deliberate means to build trust while being trustworthy and acting with integrity as well as by evaluating performance and added-value at a fair price.